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The Happiness Project is about putting smiles on the faces of children in underprivileged communities in selected areas of Lagos this Christmas. We plan to do this by giving the children boxes of gifts to celebrate Christmas so they can experience the essence of the season just like a normal child would. The box would include items like coloring books, crayons, candies, snacks, toys, water bottles etc. This project was birthed last Christmas where I was able to give these gifts to random children in my neighborhood (Santa Claus Style) but it was not enough. The gesture was well appreciated and the outcome profound as most of the kids have never experienced this before. This has prompted me to do this again hoping I would get the support of more people to make 500 children happy this Christmas. Each box has been estimated to cost 5,000 naira each. You can pledge as many boxes as possible. So happy to have you join me on this project to reach the goal. Thank you and God bless!

THE HAPPINESS PROJECT Target: ₦ 2,500,000 Donation: Duration: