Frequently Asked Questions

Giving.ng makes it convenient and easy to give to the charitable causes you believe in, love and want to identify with. It gives you the opportunity to do good and bless needy people just by a few clicks. You get the fulfilment of knowing you are making a huge difference by this unique opportunity Giving.ng presents.

  • Step One: You identify the cause you want to give to and click on Donate
  • Step Two: You input your details and preferred amount and give using any of the payment channels including card and bank to conclude the donation
  • Step Three: You receive an acknowledgement of your donation.

No, you can donate to any cause of your choice without registering


The funds raised are sent to the recipient charity or non-governmental organization after the target amount is reached, as requested by the charity or as required by the project depending on the volume of funds raised and the intended purpose.

No, but you can prompt the authorized officer in the charity to register the charity on the platform and raise funds for their preferred project.

Yes, we do to protect donors and ensure security on the platform.

Yes, but the beneficiary account details must be for the intended project e.g. a project for school fees for a bright student has to be sent to the account details of the school with an invoice from the school.

Individuals, registered not-for-profit organizations, registered alumni associations, churches, mosques, and public parastatals.

To onboard on Giving.ng, individuals need to provide valid means of identification while NGOs/ organizations need to provide:

  • Registration document/Letter from governing body, board duly signed by the CEO or President and secretary
  • Corporate Governance structure
  • Authorized signatory list
  • Valid means of identification of authorized signatories
Project details:
  • Project Purpose and description
  • Project Duration
  • Target amount
  • Target amount per beneficiary (where relevant)
  • Project location
  • Project execution proposed dates for commencement and conclusion
  • Project impact

  • Once you log on to the website, click on the ‘Register’ button and fill in your details
  • You will receive a confirmatory email
  • Use your confirmed details to sign in
  • Update your Profile Settings and upload all relevant documents
  • Once on your dashboard, click on ‘Start A Campaign’. Upon filling the form and submitting, it will be reviewed by the team, and you will be contacted once approved. You can share the link on social media and other platforms to your community once approved. If rejected, you will also get a mail communicating this.

Our services are FREE.

Yes, we give grants we consider as finishing grants to fund raisers under the following categories – Health, Education, Renewable Energy and Zero Hunger categories.

Please see below the major requirements:

  • Your project must already be registered and raising funds on giving.ng.
  • It must have over 100 donors already
  • You commit to providing detailed report and testimonials from beneficiaries

You can get up to N1million as a grant depending on identified project need.

  • Register your campaign on giving.ng under the Health, Education, Renewable Energy or Zero Hunger categories.
  • Share the links with your community to get at least 100 givers backing your project. This will automatically make you a candidate for a finishing grant on the platform.

Our grants help you complete your fundraising campaign. We help your campaigns become successful and achieve their targets. We help you finish well.

We will send you a mail congratulating you on the grant with the amount we will be giving.

We give grants monthly.

Please, send a mail to contact@giving.ng and we will get back to you.