Giving Grants

Helping fund raisers achieve their goals faster

Grants Programme

At, we are excited to be the first and only crowdfunding platform in the world to give grants to projects listed on our site. We call them Completion or Finishing grants. They are designed to help fund raisers achieve their goals faster and successfully with the support we provide. We believe grant making is a tool that is effective at promoting sustainable change, especially in sectors that require critical funding. We also believe that collaborations and partnerships are necessary for propelling our socio-economy towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, hence this intervention.

Grant Eligibility

  • Your project must already be registered and raising funds on Giving.NG.
  • It must have over 100 donors already save emergencies
  • Outstanding project balance must be N1million or less
  • You commit to providing detailed report and testimonials from beneficiaries
  • Project principal must scale our due diligence checks
  • The Project must be in the Health, Education, Renewable Energy or Food Sufficiency/Zero Hunger categories.

Giving.NG reserves the right to disqualify applications that lack the required information and also reserves the right to provide grants to projects it prioritizes in exceptional cases.. Successful organizations will be notified. Upon final clearance, successful organizations/fund raisers can be invited to attend a partner onboarding session.