RELATIONSHIP CLINIC Target: ₦ 1,000,000 Donation: ₦ 34,650 Day 135 of 30 Donate

Promoting Gender equality through education, transforming and consolidating the family unit in Nigeria. We aspire to apply methods and strategies that encourage active exchanges between spouses while promoting a healthy conversation within couples and families at large by activating a relationship clinic to educate and inform men, women and couples on the benefits of gender equality for the larger society. • We aim to sustain a platform that connects a target of One Thousand (1,000) couples by the end of 2021. • The objective is to attain a ratio of 1 out of 2 couples having improved significantly their communication skills in their relationship and by extension within the rest of the family. • Accompanying and guiding close to 500 families in building a culturally transformed and sustainable vision for their families with equal participation of women and girls in various social aspects.

RELATIONSHIP CLINIC Target: ₦ 1,000,000 Donation: Duration: