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Destiny is a clever and fun 15 years old boy. Up until recently, he was fit and well, enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. He has however, been diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer - a rare type of head and neck cancer that starts in the upper part of the throat, behind the nose. This type of cancer although rare, has a high rate of survival if detected, as is the case of Destiny. He however requires N3, 895, 000 to give him this chance at survival. The cost will cover Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drugs and other medical costs. We count on donations from well meaning individuals like you to give Destiny a chance at having a normal, long and fulfilling life. Please support by donating.

N92600 raised of N3895000

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