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We want to provide scholarship for 500 primary school children at N50,000 per child for the academic year across 15 communities in Lagos State, Borno State, Kano State, Kebbi State, Abuja, Ibadan, Rivers State, Abia State, Bayelsa State, etc. Join us. Donate now. ABOUT SLUM TO SCHOOL Slum2School Africa is a volunteer-driven social developmental organization with operations in Nigeria whose vision is to transform the society by empowering underserved children in slums to realize their full potential, supporting communities to promote inclusive development, and engaging the government to improve policy and ensure efficient implementation. Our programs revolve around the provision of educational scholarships, health support, technology and entrepreneurship development, construction of learning centers and provision of various personal and psychosocial support programs.

N3500 raised of N25000000

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